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Facebook Post by  Author David Biedrzycki

"Life sometimes puts wonderful people in your path, and I'm glad Hanne was one of them."

I haven't had the time to share this in the past two weeks, but the woman on my left with the green hat Hanne Heilmann, will be someone I'll never forget. She was my escort for the Humboldt County Authorfest two weeks ago. She was responsible for taking me to all the schools, book signings, and dinners. She was an amazing person and as much fun to be with as anyone I've had the chance to meet in my travels. She passed away two days after the event.

I received this email from the principal of the school Hanne insisted I visit while there.

"Hanne, the lady who introduced you and who represented the committee, passed away today. She had fought cancer this past year, was in remission, and 2 weeks ago, a tumor emerged. Today, she was put in a hospice hospital and then passed away hours later. That fast.

I am telling you this because you need to know that YOU were her very last ta-da! She fought with me to have you here (we didn’t think it would fit in our new, ugly schedule) and she WON! She was so proud that she was the light behind you being here. Then, she was so proud afterwards when she hear ALL of the teachers commenting that YOU were the best we’ve ever had. To be called your, “girlfriend for the weekend” was such a thrill to her. The photo we took of her and you and our librarian will go down as her last, and so iconic that she is with a famous author doing what she believed so strongly in.

Thank you, David, for making her last days such special ones. We believe she hung on to life just to see this through."