Volunteer Spotlight

Linda Lorvig

Seen here with Ronda Wittenberg (left).

Current Co Coordinator, Linda has been with the Author Festival since 1981! She recalls setting up the book sale and author autographing in the old Carnegie Library. Below is her story about a little mishap in the brand, new library!

I was co-coordinator in 1995 when the library was new. My husband was project manager for the library. I was always bugging him about whether the library would be done in time for the book sale & autographing. Finally he let me know that it would be ready but the public would not be able to go into the stacks. I was thrilled YEAH! we would have our authors in our brand new library. I even got to go with him one day to have a tour and test the alarm system for the "gates" that the patrons would pass through. The day of the book sale the cars were lined up clear out of the parking lot. They couldn't wait to come and see our NEW library. Our book sales that day were one of the best we have ever had. One secret I'll tell you now. When we were hanging the signs with the authors names we broke one of the ceiling tiles OOPS! When I told my husband he said not to worry there were boxes of them in the basement. Nice to know someone had my back and could fix it. I have so many more fond memories that could fill a book. It has been a pleasure working with all the wonderful committee members and meeting all of the authors over the years. Many are like family to all of us.

Lucy Quinby

Seen Here with Author Erik Brooks at the 2012 Banquet

Volunteer since 2000.Served as Coordinator 2001 and 2003 She is the mover and shaker of the School Prep Committee and as Liaison for Schools and Authors She tip offs our Festival with the Welcoming Reception at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. She began the Illustrator Exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

Why does she dedicate time and talents? “Love books, love kids, love the magic that happens when kids meet a real author who writes the books they love and get turned on to more reading and writing (and now illustrating). I continue because we make a difference and mainly because of the THE COMMITTEE. I have never worked with such a dedicated and hard working bunch of volunteers. Everyone has a job, does the job, asks for help if needed and pitches in wherever extra help is needed. It is a dream volunteer "job" when one of our beloved authors visited.”

Lucy remembers when the author arrived at Weitchpec School (after a two + hour drive to get there) and was greeted by an entire enthusiastic school and treated to a lunch of fresh salmon and huckleberry pie (all local). She was blown away and this is just one example of our goal to reach every school (no matter how remote) in Humboldt County.